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- Please note that some tests need to be performed on an empty stomach. Do not eat 8 hours before the test.
- Pregnant women or those receiving anti-blood medications should consult their family doctor before performing a body check-up
- Women during menstruation are not suitable for urine tests.
- No smoking, alcohol or caffeinated beverages before check-ups.
- The above plans and prices are valid until 31 December, 2021.
- Swindon Medical reserves the right to modify the prices and items of the plans.
- Please feel free to visit our centre or call our customer service hotline at (852) 3188 1722 for enquiries.

Advantages of health check-ups

- Check your health status and assess health risk factors
- Take precautions, identify problems and control symptoms at the onset of the disease
- Provide appropriate guidance on your health, lifestyle and other aspects to reduce risk factors for heart disease, cancer and other diseases
- Promote a healthy lifestyle
- Help you achieve optimal health

Who needs a health check-up?

- People over the age of 30, regardless of gender, are advised to undergo regular health check-ups
- People with prolonged or unusual body types and functional changes
- People with a family history of disease
- People who are aware of the need
- People who do not have any symptoms or appear to have disease
Health check-ups are especially essential to normal people who do not have any symptoms or appear to have disease because they receive no daily warning signal from their body and lack alertness to their body. When the symptoms occur, the best time for treatment may have already delayed. Therefore, health check-ups can help people heighten their alertness to the body and understand the way to take daily health care in a bid to prevent diseases.

Procedures of a health check-up

1 Make an appointment

Please call at (852) 3188 1722 or send an email to We will arrange an appointment for the service within 24 hours after receiving the information.

2 Do the check-up

Visit our centre for the check-up at the appointment time (Address: Room 1712, 17/F, East Point Centre, 555 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong).

3 Listen to the report

We are concerned about your health issues and our professional medical team will explain and analyze the report in detail to you.