9-in-1 Cervical Cancer Vaccine

9-in-1 Cervical Cancer Vaccine 2

9-in-1 Cervical Cancer Vaccine

Get your shot so long as you are aged 9 or above!

99.7% of cervical cancers worldwide are caused by HPV (Human Papillomavirus). On average, every 2-3 days in Hong Kong, a woman passes away and leaves her family behind because of cervical cancer! Viral infection is genderless, both same-sex (MSM / WSW) or heterosexual sexual contacts the main causes of HPV infection. Therefore, both men and women should be vaccinated with the “9-in-1 Cervical Cancer Vaccine” as prevention!
Men and women have an 80% chance of HPV infection!
People who have a sex life have as high as 80% chance of being infected with HPV in their lifetime, even if they only have one sexual partner in their life, they still have a nearly 60% chance of infection!



Swindon Medical provides the “9-in-1 Cervical Cancer Vaccine” service

The “9-in-1 HPV Vaccine” currently has the widest coverage. It can prevent 9 common types of HPV virus, and the effective rate of preventing cervical cancer is 90%.
  • 9-in-1 HPV Vaccine (Intramuscular injection in the arm)
  • Suitable for: Men and women aged 9 or above; those who have sexual experience are also suitable for vaccination
  • Doses: 3, inoculated at the 0th, 2nd, and 6th months (all the 3 doses must be completed within one year)
  • All Swindon Medical Centres provide vaccination services

Both men and women should not neglect HPV

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Relevant Facts about HPV

        1. HPV may affect fertility in future
        2. HPV can be transmitted from mother to child
        3. Having only one sexual partner still results in nearly 60% risk of infection
        4. The incubation period can be as long as 10 years, and it can be transmitted from person to person
        5. Men have a higher prevalence of HPV infection than women
        6. Immunity response stronger with HPV vaccination at age 9-14
        7. Previous HPV infection can increase the risk of reinfection with the same type of HPV in the future
        8. Can cause about 90% of cervical cancer and about 90% of anal cancer
        9. Sexually active people have an 80% chance of contracting HPV in their lifetime
        10. More than 90% of genital warts is caused by HPV 6 and 11
  • More about HPV Vaccine

    HPV (Human Papillomavirus) can be transmitted through sexual contact, infected without symptoms, and the incubation period can be as long as 10 years. Its prevalence in men is higher than that in women! Cervical cancer vaccine is effective in preventing cervical cancer, genital warts, vulvar cancer, vaginal cancer, anal cancer, and other cancers. In order to reduce the risk of children suffering from HPV-related diseases in the future, they can be vaccinated when they are 9 years old or older.
    Actually, men are more likely to be infected with HPV than women! For men, HPV virus can cause genital warts (a sexually transmitted disease), anal cancer, penile cancer, head and neck cancer and throat lumps. Therefore, HPV vaccination for men can help prevent genital warts and anal cancer. By receiving the HPV vaccine early, men can reduce the risk of virus transmission, thereby protecting your significant other and reducing the chance of your partner suffering from cancer or genital warts caused by HPV infection.
    HPV is mainly transmitted through sexual contact, and HPV virus prevention can only prevent virus types one has not been infected before. Therefore, it is better for people of the right age who have not had sex before they are exposed to HPV virus. But even if you have already had sexual experience, taking preventive measures can still help prevent uncontacted HPV types! As women age, it is more difficult for women to clear HPV infection on their own, and the risk of persistent HPV infection will also increase. Therefore, vaccination is still required to prevent infection!

    Both men and women should not neglect HPV

    Please contact Swindon Medical to learn more about the fee details of the HPV Vaccine and make an appointment