Recovery with the help of Chinese medicine to alleviate COVID sequelae

Recovery with the help of Chinese medicine to alleviate COVID sequelae

Recovery with the help of Chinese medicine to alleviate COVID sequelae

With the increase in the number of confirmed and recovered cases from COVID-19, many people develop sequelae such as chronic cough and brain fog after diagnosis. Sequelae generally refer to symptoms that last for four weeks or more after infection, including unrelieved fatigue, dry cough, inability to concentrate, insomnia, hair loss, and depression. From the viewpoints of Chinese medicine, the developed systemic symptoms after infection are considerably exhausting. In alleviating sequelae, Chinese medicine has its advantages. Through traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, systemic qi and blood conditions can be improved. Treatment directions include nourishing qi and yin, clearing heatiness and dampness, circulating qi, and stimulating blood flow. That can help patients relieve symptoms or shorten the illness condition.

Sequelae affect Physical and Mental Health

Most of the patients can fully recover after treatment, but clinically, some symptoms will last for a long time or recur. This is because a negative test does not mean that the virus has been completely cleared, and sequelae are not only limited to serious cases. The current weakened Omicron mutant strain may also have sequelae. The virus directly damages organs, residual virus or virus fragments remain in the body, and the immune response to the virus has not completely subsided, etc. All these are the reasons for sequelae such as brain fog and chronic cough. Patients with high fever and loss of smell and taste should pay more attention to their recovery.
1. Fatigue
Many patients have symptoms of fatigue during the recovery process, and develop tight chess, shortness of breath, sweating, and a significant decrease in physical fitness and exercise. Even after rest or sleep, they still feel fatigue that cannot be relieved and their physique deteriorated comparing before infection.
2. Dry cough, foreign body sensation in throat
The most common respiratory symptom is chronic cough, especially when talking. Patients will have persistent dry cough and a feeling of having a foreign object in their throat. They may also have itchy throats and heavy cough.
3. Declining attention and focus
Patients can’t concentrate on doing things and their reactions are obviously not as fast as before. There is a drop in their work efficiency and they may tend to forget things. It has been reported that 50.8% of children with COVID-19 are suspected to have problems such as lack of attention, memory loss, and low efficiency in class, which should not be overlooked.
4. Lowered sleep quality
Sleep disturbances, difficulty falling asleep, Hypnagogia, light sleep with multiple dreams, and difficulty falling asleep after waking up in the middle of the night will all consume energy and make the body and mind exhausted.

Chinese medicine does a better job in removing the virus

Chinese medicine believes that viruses are harmful heatiness and depletes qi and yin, resulting in harming cardiopulmonary functions. Deficiency of qi in the heart causes tight chest, palpitation, shortness of breath, fatigue; deficiency of qi in lungs makes the lungs vulnerable. Also, stagnant phlegm makes cough long-lasting. If “cold” medicine is used during infection, the spleen and stomach may be hurt and this results in poor appetite after illness and makes cough and expectoration more serious. The therapeutic effect of Chinese medicine treatment on sequelae has been fully confirmed. Through traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, the damage to the internal organs caused by the infection process can be significantly improved.
Long lasting coughs and phlegm
Chinese medicine will apply medications to acupuncture points, and use the dual stimulation of medicine and acupuncture points to achieve the effects of clearing the lungs, reducing phlegm, and relieving cough.
Declining attention and focus
When thoughts are unclear, apart from taking Chinese medicine, acupuncture can stimulate the acupuncture points, increase the blood supply to the heart and brain, and have the effect of calming the nerves and improving the mind. It can quickly and safely improve the symptom of “brain fog”.
COVID-19 in Children
COVID-19 in children should not be overlooked particularly. When children are infected, although they may experience a fast recovery from fever and the diseases, high fever can damage their body fluid. Apart from Chinese medicine, children can receive acupuncture points manual therapy and external treatments such as patching medications on acupuncture points to nourish their body and enhance their physique. Both are beneficial to their health maintenance during the recovery period of long COVID.

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Traditional therapies nourish your body

The syndrome differentiation and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine has a significant effect on the sequelae of infection. Based on traditional Chinese medicine and through ‘the four examination methods’ (inspecting, listening and smelling, questioning, and palpating), supplemented with Chinese medicine, acupuncture, manual therapy and medicinal diet, Swindon’s Chinese medicine services help to attain the results of harmonizing qi and blood, balancing yin and yang, improving organs functioning and dredging the meridian in the body. It also reduces the possibility of returning to a positive nucleic test, aims at rehabilitation and healthcare after infection, and reduce the symptoms of sequelae on body and life.

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